Porch Appeal in a Stiletto Heel

Written by Angel Rasper with Sacksteder’s Interiors

Warmer weather means time to relish in the joys of outdoor living. Along with the rekindled desire to be outside comes the need to create an inviting place to relax after a hard day of work or playing in the garden.

The perfect solution for finding the right spot to enjoy time outside can be as close as your front or back porch. With all the creative ideas that we are starting to see with potted gardens and repurposing; the options for designing a welcoming environmental retreat for yourself, friends, and neighbors are boundless!   

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Potted perennial and annual gardens can add stunning visual interest that introduces life to the space. Plants and flowers create a tranquil and soothing feeling in an area and when planted in whimsy containers they can create a fun conversation piece too. Just about anything with containment properties can be used as a container for planting. The only limitations would be your time and imagination!

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Providing a great place to sit is a key element in creating a relaxing atmosphere for enjoying porch time. An old favorite of mine is the porch swing. Fluff it up with soft cushions and pillows for seating and then kick back for a moment alone or with someone you enjoy spending time with.


Something about the motion of slowly rocking or swinging can bring so much peace and comfort to the soul. And another old time favorite is the rocking chair. Watching nature at its best while relaxing in a rocker is a great way to refresh and de-stress at the end of the day. And what better place to do it than from your porch.

Having a place to unwind and sort out your thoughts can be such a gift. Dress the area up with your own personal style and flare and don’t be afraid to try something different that will get everybody talking!  Being a trend setter means trying something artsy and new; then waiting to see what the response is going to be. Who knows… you could spark the flame for the next big style trend!      

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