April Showers Bring May … Flower Prints?

Written by Angel Rasper of Sacksteder’s Interiors

There’s no denying the depth of meaning and status that flowers have managed to established with society. Their representation for sending a message of love, hope, celebration, and comfort has found a significant place within our culture.

The natural wonder of flowers and their symbolism holds so much sentiment; sending just the right message when it is difficult to find the appropriate words to express the way you feel.

Flowers have found their way into so many places within our hearts and homes. Surrounding ourselves with their beauty, color, and fragrance can help enhance our moods and overall wellbeing. The use for flowers can stretch beyond just placing them in our most favored vases, gardens, and flower beds.

Decorating with floral fabrics, accessories, and artwork has been a long time favorite; maintaining a constant style trend that has proven to be more than just a fad. 


Soft supple prints used sparingly can create a theme that sets a romantic mood; adding touches of desired color without having a gaudy or invasive influence over the area.

The two door floral chest by Hooker Furniture conveys just the right amount of pattern and texture without the over powering effect of too much color. When perfectly set within a room designed to maintain the crisp clean feeling of a neutral palette; the right accent piece can become a favored compliment to the space.

Accent furniture with gentle floral patterns can help you achieve soothing elegance and simplicity, while introducing just the right amount of balance to fulfill your decorative interest.  



Fabric patterns with floral inspiration can create the perfect reference point for pulling together a color scheme. Accent chairs with great lines and staying power can propose a visual anchor for displaying fabric choices tailored to fit your style and attitude.

High quality textile grades; such as these examples found with Sam Moore in the picture above, offers a wide range of selections that can help you resolve the challenges behind a well-designed look.

Botanical prints with foliage and floral motifs can liven up an otherwise plain wall area; bringing cohesiveness to your combination while adding natural elements along with style depth. The right wall decorations and artwork call tell the story behind your design idea. Adding the right pieces can introduce  personality with a fashion savvy decorator’s touch. 


Nothing polishes a room with taste and quality quite like a well designed floral arrangement. The combination of colors and textures; along with custom selected flower choices, can pull together the look of your design while amplifying your theme.

So it is no wonder we have developed such a fondness for these botanical miracles and the pleasure they contribute to our lives.  The indulgence to our senses with an array of their beauty and splendor can soften our disposition; making even the most difficult of circumstances a little more tolerable.

Floral prints and patterns can be found in just about any style ranging from modern minimalist contemporary to the most classical design; demonstrating our love for flowers and how they affect the way we live- no matter what our taste may be.

Sacksteder’s Interiors offers custom made silk floral arrangements to help meet a broad range of design needs. Bring your swatches and pictures to a Sacksteder’s location today and let a member of our design team help you pull together the look you desire for your home or office! 

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