How to Decorate a Living Room – Dining Room Combo

When your dining room and living room are essentially the same room, decorating can be confusing. Do you start with the dining room? Do you start with the living room? Do you paint both rooms the same color? Do you paint the rooms in contrasting colors? In this case, there can be too many options to narrow down. This guide will help you make your living room-dining room combo a work of art.

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      Furniture style should flow from room to room. While you want to be careful about making all colors and materials match too closely for both rooms, you will want to keep your style of furniture the same. The style of furniture you use is unimportant as long as the styles flow from one room to the other. If eclectic furnishings are your preference, that is fine too as long as you don’t have only one style in one room and a completely different style in another. Try to keep it balanced.

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      Color scheme is very important to designing a living room-dining room combo. Choose a color grouping that you like by looking at fabric swatches and your favorite art in your home. You may even choose to use the colors on the fabric of one of your chairs. Choose a main color, a secondary color and an accent color or two.

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      Distribute your secondary colors throughout the rooms in the following way. Secondary color number one should dominate the living room, and be used as an accent in the dining room and secondary color number two should dominate the dining room and be used sparingly in the living room. That way, the two rooms will coordinate without being too closely matching.

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      To prevent the room’s design from becoming too disjointed, you will want to use the same flooring color and materials for both rooms. For walls, you can also use one color and add your secondary color to the accent wall in one of the rooms, such as the main wall in the dining room.

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