Feathering Your Nest With Romance!

Written By Angel Rasper with Sacksteder’s Interiors.

You can find it in the heart of playwrights, songs, poetry, and books. And maybe to some surprise; a story about grandma that you may have never heard. Romance is everywhere! When you hear the unique portrayals from creative writers and the personal tales of encounters with the sweet embrace of romance, there is an echo of harmonious commonality within every story. A deep intimate bond was created that will connect the individuals to the liaison for a lifetime! 

As part of my own love story; most evenings, my husband and I get to enjoy the gorgeous sunsets of Locust Lake. Living lakefront facing the west has contributed to why I now love to keep my camera constantly on standby. When I go running out of the house with camera in hand, my husband will grin and say “I know where you are going. Show me when you are done.”  I will never tire of hearing him say that.   

With thought and investment, our homes can become a version of our own love story being told. Setting the stage for a collection of our passions and a display of our travels; fashioning a safe haven for events yet to unfold.

Capturing the rapturous affect of romance within our home creates a sanctuary that interprets a point of view about who we are. So if love and adventure are at the heart of what intrigues you, consider a romanticized theme for your home!   

Red Credenza

Hooker Furniture’s Red Credenza displays the color of passion-red! This beautiful piece of furniture creates a great starting point for this tender and heart felt style with stunning vintage appeal that visually creates a timeless look that is all things romantic.

Having a place to display your collections and acquired items from your travels can help you remain connected to intimate memories from past vacations or rendezvous. One aspect of romance is to be able to surround yourself with mementos that provoke moments to reminisce with the one you love about interludes shared.

Organizer Hutch from the Primrose Collection

The Organizer Hutch in a Garden Grove finish from Hooker Furniture’s Primrose Collection creates an inviting place to display choice items like books about subjects of interest and precious collectibles from previous adventures. This beautiful hutch can also create a focal point for inspiration, quiet times of reflection, or just a great place to sit and write a love note.

Chelsea Accent Arm Chair

Either coupled with the Organizer Hutch above or just placed with a vanity in a bedroom- this sophisticated Chelsea Accent Arm Chair with a  Westminster linen fabric can add a classy touch to your home. Fabrics with soft scrolling patterns enhance the passionate feeling of a romantic theme, adding just the right amount of tasteful and sensual details to help bring emphasize to the idea behind your design.


The Dune-Beach finish Four Poster Bed from Hooker Furniture’s Sanctuary Collection

The poster bed, which is known as the bed of kings, enhanced with silk damask or brocade fabrics and soft lighting embellished with crystal accents can turn your master suite into a welcoming romantic refuge at the end of the day. This exquisite four poster bed with a Dune-Beach finish from Hooker Furniture’s Sanctuary Collection is definitely a bed fit for a king and his queen!

Home represents so much more to us than just brick and mortar. Home is our place to unplug. It is our own personal sanctuary of space from the world. So in honor of February- the month for lovers… consider the loving inspiration of feathering your nest with romance. Because being an old hopeless romantic never goes out of style!

From your friends at Sacksteder’s Interiors and our business partners with  Hooker Furniture

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