Refreshing Your Home For The New Year!

Written by Angel Rasper of Sacksteder’s Interiors.

Change and renewal charge the air as the sound of kazoos, horns, and noise makers begin to usher in 2013 and 2012 soon becomes only but a memory. With the change of the calendar, we are given a moment in time for personal reflection of past experiences and anticipation for what the future may hold in the year to come.


For most people, maintaining the excitement and enthusiasm for change can soon become a challenge once the holiday decor comes down and New Year’s resolutions are broken within the first week. So how do we obtain the “resolve” that is at the core meaning of resolution in order to keep the momentum for change and improvement going?

One approach would be to change our mindset about the stereotypical idea behind New Year’s resolutions. In most cases; this will enable us to set more obtainable goals for ourselves, preventing the despondent and defeatist attitude that can set in when personal promises are broken.

Here are a few tips that have helped me to establish some of my own personal success stories! May they do the same for you.

  • Being able to evaluate your situation based off of past experiences will give you a reference point for previous failures and successes. So if it didn’t bode well before, you can pretty much conclude it won’t bring good results with a second attempt either. And in same cases, maybe even a third try… God forbid.
  • Understand that resolution basically means to bring resolve to an issue. So instead of directing that resolve at your personal image, maybe try a different approach and evaluate unresolved issues in your life, such as unfinished business or home improvement projects that haven’t been completed.  
  • Once you have established your personal evaluation about the unresolved areas of your life, the next step is to organize with a plan for execution… one project at a time! 

So if resolving unfinished home decor projects interests you for rectifying the unresolved in your world, here are some helpful suggestions on how to drum up the momentum for putting a creative spin on New Year’s resolutions.

Everyone who decorates for the holidays is all too familiar with the dull and sparse feeling that is left behind once the decorations are put away for the year. A decorator’s remedy is to put something back in where something has been taken out. 

Hooker Furniture’s Joli Nesting Ottomans from the Melange Collection- click for more details!

Small accent pieces of furniture can bring fresh and new visual interest to any room. The ottomans in the picture above not only have great aesthetics, but can also be used for additional storage as well. And with so many designer fabrics to choose from, inspiration to get the paint that you were planning on putting up in the room or getting the gallons you have already purchased out of the basement or garage (wink) is as simple as picking out the fabric for these stylish ottomans.

The gorgeous Allure Mirrored Chest from Hooker Furniture’s Melange Collection.

Selecting accent furniture to help fill the void left behind from where there once was twinkling lights and glittery ornaments, can most certainly become an acceptable replacement in some cases- even more so.

Visually stunning accent pieces replace what the eye is missing in the room, gratifying the need for change. Once the pieces are introduced to the space, follow through for finishing remaining remnants of a design project can usually start to come easily at this point- giving us just the right amount of nudge that we may need.

Mirrored armoire from Hooker Furniture’s Sanctuary Collection

Another proactive way to bring resolve to complicated issues is to de-clutter your spaces and become more organized. Beautiful furniture pieces that have a function such as storage can hide a lot. Nothing depletes the look of a well designed room quit like clutter and displaced items. Even in the most well put together room, disorganization can ruin the feel within the space. 

Consider these points when selecting furniture for this purpose. They may help you to become more organized about  your options when the time comes for making a decision.

  • Style is very important when it comes to such a major purchase, but to fill the need for organization- function is just as important.
  • Will the piece meet your needs? Don’t just spur buy, really take into consideration what this piece of furniture can do for you. 
  • Scale is essential and other pieces in the room shouldn’t become an obstruction or an obstacle. It can defeat the purpose if using the piece is difficult. By nature- we will stop using it if something disrupts the function or the doors and drawers don’t open easily.
  • Consider the piece to be a high traffic zone with no need for congestion in order to maintain the flow of functionality. The easy use of the piece will encourage more use and not defeat the purpose!

Home Theater from Hooker Furniture’s Harbour Pointe Collection. 

Furniture pieces with decorative purpose; as well as a practical place for storage, can serve as a great anchor piece in a well designed room. The opportunity to place items within view as well as out of view, offers more options for the use of the piece, which can bring years of function and visual enjoyment within the space. 

So before you plan a diet program that may be doomed for failure, consider a more creative approach for improving your way of life instead. Lots of small steps in the right direction can lead up to a series of successes. The personal satisfaction that comes from being more accomplished by finishing what you have started, will be more fulfilling than starting another project that may just end up being pushed to the wayside like the rest. 

Now is the time to install those lights you bought and get them out of their now dusty boxes. Finish decorating your daughter’s bedroom before she is old enough to leave for college for heaven’s sake! And has the man cave in the unfinished basement that you started turned into more of a clutter cave?

There’s no better time than the present for getting a jump start toward being well on your way to making this a year full of personal accomplishments, while refreshing the look of your home for the New Year. And for a little more motivation- just think of all the exercise that you will get in the process.

Happy New Year from your friends at Sacksteder’s Interiors!

Sacksteder’s Interiors is a Cincinnati, Ohio retailer of Hooker Furniture. All furniture pieces featured in this article can be purchased through Sacksteder’s Interiors.

Please contact one of our locations for more details. Go to for location information. 





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