Reality Decorating for Christmas

By Trisha McBride Ferguson | of Hooker Furniture


As a designer, I often have friends and clients ask me about my holiday decorations. They’re anxious to see pictures of the furniture and decorations in my home—especially the Christmas tree.

“Oh, I bet it’s gorgeous,” they say. It soon becomes clear they’re expecting an expertly styled, themed masterpiece with coordinated ornaments in a thoughtful color scheme. They are visualizing something like the dozens of trees you can find at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, N.C. during the holiday season. The trees below are just a sample of the spectacular holiday decor at the Biltmore Estate during this time of year.

Designer trees at Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC.

While I enjoy creating dazzling designer trees for clients, it’s not what you’ll find in my home.

Instead, my holiday decorating—much like my décor and furniture year-round—is designed to fit my lifestyle.I learned early in my career (as both a designer and mother) that the most beautiful room is the most functional and comfortable one. So for my family—which includes two kids under five—practicality and durability beat out glitz and glamour every time.

For example, while I love the look of a white or natural linen sofa, it will be several years before that’s a realistic choice for my home.

But someday, when the kids are older, I will have an all-white sofa from Sam Moore.

Someday, an all-white sofa is in my future

I know friends with pets who face the same challenges. So for now, it means choosing a sofa with a darker or more durable fabric, yet with a little planning the look can still be stunning.This Sam Moore Tansy sofa with a navy blue cover is a better fit for our current lifestyle, and just as gorgeous.

Sam Moore Tansy sofa

Now when it comes to the Christmas tree, I adore the way ours looks with its mismatched papier-mâché ornaments and strings of garland made from paper loops. It’s not just more practical for our lifestyle at present (I can’t even think of how glass ornaments would fare in our home), it’s more appealing. Our décor reflects who we are. And while that may evolve over the years, I believe it’s important to be true to yourself as you decorate.

While I enjoy the balance and symmetry of a tree decorated with designer details, I love the meaning and authenticity behind our tree’s decorations.

Paper clip angel ornament on our Christmas tree

So one of my best tips to clients and friends—throughout the year—is to surround yourself with furniture and accessories that reflect your lifestyle and personality.  Don’t buy something just because you saw it in a friend’s home or because it’s something you think you should like. Instead, choose pieces that make you happy when you see them. That will make you happier with your room for a long time.

Speaking of being happy, here’s one of my favorite thoughts on the subject. And this reflects my wishes for you and your family this holiday season and in 2013!

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