A Colorful Christmas With Sam Moore

Written by Hooker Furniture


A color pallete is one of the first things an interior designer decides on before decorating a room. This year Sam Moore Furniture, the upholstery division of Hooker Furniture, is breaking all the rules. I am finding inspiration in the colors c Bright colors are in, and so are pinks and blues for Christmas décor. So why not combine all these fun, bright colors to make for some unique (possibly edgy) Christmas decorating?

Here are some creative color schemes for your Christmas home and furniture décor:

Antigo chair with the bright pink Petal finish.

  • Hot Pink

My favorite color is pink. Bright pink, light pink, neon pink, it doesn’t matter. I just love pink. And nothing makes me happier than seeing pink Christmas trees and pink ornaments! Is it easy to match your furniture with a bright pink Christmas tree? It certainly is when you have the vibrant and unique Antigo chair in the “Petal” finish with the zigzag, black and white upholstery. Such a fun and inspiring piece to decorate around for the holidays!

  • Navy Blue

Sam Moore is giving away the fabulous navy blue and white zebra-print Cadence chair to one lucky winner this December! And I thought I’d help the winner out with some ideas for decorating their home for Christmas around this one-of-a-kind chair! It may be navy and white, but it has a whole lot of personality. So I thought trimming the tree with some patterned navy and white ornaments would really help tie this unique chair in with the rest of the room.

The Cadence chair is anything but ordinary.

  • Turquoise-Blue

Royal blue and silver may be popular choice colors for holiday decorating but what about a more turquoise blue? Sam Moore’s beautiful blue Bonham chair has a color that can inspire an entire room of beautiful blue holiday decorations. This wreath pulls the beautiful blue from the Bonham chair as well as the traditional silvers of the holidays to create a cheerful front door ornament for the long winter season.

The shade of blue as seen on the Bonham chair is very popular right now.

  • Gold

I really have a thing for the sparkle of gold during Christmastime. There is just something about it. The color goes well with so many home styles and is a staple in holiday décor, so you can find decorations of gold almost anywhere. Sam Moore’s gold Coco chair is so extravagant with its intricate, carved-wood arms and elaborate embroidery that it encouraged me to look for holiday décor that can compare to its beauty. I found this beautiful mantle decked with exquisitely designed garland and felt the Coco chair could only add to this room’s holiday sparkle.

The gold Coco chair is the perfect accent for a traditional Christmas living room.

  • Coral

Gold may be a traditional color for Christmas décor, but sometimes a girl needs bright colors during a cold holiday season. Coral is a very joyful color that could cheer even the Grinch up! Sam Moore’s Mercury chair is bright, playful, and makes for a very different style of Christmas decorating. And what could go better in the living room with the Mercury chair than a coral Christmas tree?! All we need now are some colorful ornaments and we’ll have a vibrant holiday!

The Mercury chair makes for a fun Christmas setting.

  • Red

I thought I’d end this on a very American and traditional note. Not only is the color red is a symbol of Christmas, but it is also a symbol of America and the patriotism we have towards our country. So what would be more patriotic than sharing with you the Red Room of the White House decorated for Christmas? And I think the Red Room would really benefit from having Sam Moore’s red and white Keltie chair in the room. The curvature of its arms and the deepness of the red trim make it the perfect, timeless piece for an American, Christmas-decorated room.

The Keltie chair would make a great addition to the White House’s Red Room.

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