What Inspires You to Become a Savvy Gift Giver?

The holiday season is a joyous time for sharing intimate moments with family and friends! The excitement of gathering together and catching up on current events spurs love and laughter which is a bonding element that can help bring us closer together. 

Within those shared moments, thoughts of picking out the perfect gift for those special people in our lives are not to far removed from us. We take into consideration their personality, likes, and dislikes- trying to personalize our selections to their taste and not our own. And with the infamous “re-gift” concept lurking around, we can only hope that we don’t fall prey to the grip. 


So what do we do to try and give to those we love the perfect present that will bring about the moment that we long for… to see that encouraging smile of satisfaction on their face? How do we find inspiration to help move the process of gift giving forward in a way that everyone involved will be pleased? 

The first place to start is with ourselves. Conscientiousness and becoming a very observant person helps us to become more mindful of the needs of others. Having an altruistic attitude establishes better gift giving skills and will help prevent longer return lines after the holidays (wink). Don’t allow your personal preferences to become a reflection of your choices.

Becoming a giver with real insight about the individuals on your list doesn’t just start around the holidays… it is a skill that is developed throughout the year. Take time to  become more thoughtful when you are about to present a gift to someone. Taking time to understand your recipient may help give you an edge to succeed. So don’t forget those inquired details when making decisions about your purchases…  your gift giving reputation may depend on it!   

Do you have someone on that list that no matter what you do they seem to be a hard sell? Sacksteder’s Interiors can help! We offer gift cards to help satisfy even the most persnickety taste. For more information call or visit…

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