You Can Find Joy in the Details!

What is an essential part of making the magic of the holidays come alive? Surrounding ourselves with Christmas decor that tells our story is a great place to start!-A. Rasper 

Beautifying our homes with the memorabilia of Christmases past creates a nostalgic feeling for the experiences that we have shared with our friends and family during the holidays. Watching the pages of time turn with every ornament that is unwrapped and Christmas card that is reread- floods the heart with joy and gladness, causing us to long for the chance to relive those moments once again. Unearthing the precious assortment of priceless items, that seems to only increase with every passing year, moves us forward with a desire to create more cherished memories with those we love!           

The design professionals of Sacksteder’s Interiors understand the need for handling your most sentimental objects with the utmost care. We also understand the urgency that comes with the need for assistance in detailing your home when time starts to get away from you during this busy season.     

Sacksteder’s Interiors offers Christmas decorating consultations, holiday decor staging and setup, professional tree decorating, custom floral design and consultation, along with in shop advice on selecting the look that is right for you! Sacksteder’s designers can work with items that you may have on hand, as well as incorporate holiday decor from one of our three locations to create a fresh new look for your existing collection.  

So trust the professionals and let Sacksteder’s Interiors be your holiday destination place for all your Christmas decor ideas! Come visit or call one of our three locations to find out how Sacksteder’s Interiors may be of service to you during this busy season. And as always, it would be our pleasure assisting you with your Christmas decorating needs. Call Obryonville at (513) 791-5022 or New Trenton (812) 637-1422. Or log onto for shop information and times of operation.      



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