Halloween Decor and More!

Dressing your home in mod Halloween fashion. -A.Rasper

With October just around the corner- it won’t be long before we hear the shrieks and shrills of little ghosts and goblins out on their quest for treats and goodies.

Fashionable home decor should be at the heart of the festivities and can create a boo-tiful display that welcomes excitement and laughter to your front door. 

So whether your style has a crisp white color palette with hints of color and traditional persuasion…

vintage appeal full of rustic charm…

or minimalist modern contemporary- black will always be a favored color choice used to incorporate a Halloween influence.

Black makes a bold statement and crafts a flattering contrast with white as well as color.

Black silhouettes and their shadowy appearance are a great way to introduce a spooky edge to your Halloween decor and they can be fun and easy to create!

And let’s not forget one of the most important details of the season… the treats! 

Confectioneries decorated with a seasonal theme can make for great conversation at your next Halloween party and they create a fun and festive project for the kids to participate in.

With Tangerine Tango being Pantone’s color of the year, Halloween is a great opportunity to incorporate this stylish color into your decor-even if it is just for the season.


So have fun exploring the options available for Halloween decorating… if you dare! And just for a little fun… turn up your volume and enjoy this old classic song sure to usher in the mood of the season…


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