Better Than a Bed and Breakfast!

Creating the perfect guest bedroom that makes friends and family feel welcome in your home can be more inviting than a bed and breakfast! Written by- A. Rasper


A guest room is meant to be a very welcoming space that we create in our home to accommodate the needs of our friends and family when they pay an overnight visit. So when we design a room specifically for company; comfort should be an essential element that comes to mind right along with luxury and style.

The need for places to stow personal items during their visit is an important fundamental in creating a comfortable space. A wardrobe or dresser with empty drawers enables your guest  to put clothing and accessories away so there is less clutter in the room. This will establish a system of organization for your company. Luggage that lays around full of personal items can create a less welcoming feeling for your visitor. Having furniture for them to place their items in conveys the message “we would like for you to stay awhile.”

Closets with hangers and shelves open for storage is another great way to accommodate a guest’s need for comfort. It enables them to organize their wardrobe while giving them a better visual idea of what they brought along for their trip. This  will help create ease in the decision making of “what to wear” for your guest when it comes to making plans for events and outings during their visit.

Where we lay our head to rest while we are on a trip has an affect on the overall attitude about the experience we have during our visit somewhere. Being able to rest comfortably helps us to feel refreshed for the adventures that lay ahead. So choosing bedding that is comfortable as well as aesthetically pleasing is of the utmost importance in achieving this goal for your guest. Consider this to be a top priority when designing the perfect guest room.  If you wouldn’t sleep on it… don’t expect your visitor to want to either.  


There is so much more to the experience your house guest has when they come for a visit with you. Yes the fun and adventure you share creates memories that will last a life time, but what is just as important is the way they feel personally while staying in your home. Choosing colors, accents and furniture for the guest room is very important, but what is just as significant is creating a space that is a little piece of home away from home. This will be a  huge contribution to the fond memories your guest will have about you and your family for years to come!     

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