For great taste at home, pick Boyz-n-Berry!

In ancient days, purple was a color reserved for royalty only.  Today, this rich color is still right for a look that’s both elegant and exciting. The color forecasters at Color Marketing Group have flagged “Boyz-n-Berry” as one of the year’s top shades, and no wonder: This passionate hue is surprisingly versatile.Check out how regal Boyz-n-Berry looks when paired with gold or other warm neutrals, as in this inviting room

Why not take it beyond a girl’s bedroom to a dramatic library or media room and harness the theatrical power of purple? Or mix it with warm neutrals (gold, bronze, beige) for a complementary scheme that’s refreshing and regal. For a contemporary twist, pair it with silver, chrome or light gray and an icy pastel such as mint or aqua. Or jump in with a mix of flower hues grounded in sophisticated shades of taupe, tan, gray or green.  Use a fabric you love as the basis for a room’s color scheme: A goof-proof plan is to color the walls in the lightest, quietest hue; flooring and some furniture pieces in darker or mid-tone hues; and other furniture and accent pieces in the brightest hues

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