Envision Accent Furniture Collection


A new collection of accents from the Envision brand of Hooker Furniture aims to make unique, trend-forward and compelling design accessible in statement pieces at affordable price points.
The 18-piece collection, ranging in price from $149 to $599, has a story of high perceived value that revolves around these elements:

    • Sophisticated finishes, including textures, raised surfaces, metallic and antique mirror


    • Simple but compelling designs in a broad assortment of styles for a superior merchandise mix.


    • Fashionable, soft and attractive color palettes including crisp whites and the popular metallic colors of zinc and bronze.


  • Handpainting in dynamic color combinations and sophisticated palettes and motifs

Quality is another key element of differentiation. Envision Accents use high-quality, sturdy and stable metal drawer side guides that are full-extension and smoothly operating.

Noteworthy pieces include several block front chests and cabinets in a black and zinc finish, featuring a creative and elevated drawer-front construction, similar to that of a pyramid effect; a crisp white chest with scalloped front and whimsical, colorful floral hand-painting detail; a striped chest with a contemporary spin on retro styling, a table with a hand painted modern lattice-like motif and a vintage chair side table with a gallery rail and scalloped detailing. The overall collection offers versatile designs with a broad appeal and is geared more towards today’s lifestyle with a fresh, contemporary outlook and a vintage touch.

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