Arched Window Treatments

Arched windows: Window Fashion Show

One of the greatest challenges for the average homeowner is the arched window. We love it as an architectural feature but often fail to optimize the shape in the interior. We would like to share some ideas that highlight the lines of the arched window that you may want to adapt for your windows. All the options have more modern lines. If you prefer the more traditional lines consider adding trim and fringe.

Option 1 is simple arched-goblet pleated drapery panels with button details at the base of the pleats. You can choose to position your tiebacks low or high on the panel. It is all up to the look you want to achieve. A high tieback position will let in more light. Select a fabric that makes a statement or if you prefer use rich neutrals and emphasize the shape of the arch by having the panels follow the line of the archway. Tasseled fringe down the leading edge can add a more formal touch to this treatment.

For Option 2 I suggest an upholstered cornice with arched details and banding with under mounted swags and traversing pleated drapery. Seize the opportunity to use multiple fabrics for a complex decorator look or dial down the drama with a monochromatic color scheme. The lower arch of the cornice showcases the arch by following the outer lines of the window. This Option will be just at home in modern space as in a very traditional space; a formal space or more casual space. The key again is the choice of fabrics. Mix sheer with heavier options and patterned fabric with solid colours. If choosing a monochromatic scheme, vary the textures of the fabric for added interest.

Option 3, like Option 1, has no top treatment. Layered drapery brings drama to the arch. Scalloped arched drapery panels with a contrast cuff and lining are hung from medallions and tied-back high. Under sheers also hung from medallions, in contrast are tied back low, repeating the gentle curve of the leading edge at a lower level. The drama of this design continues with the double puddles at the hemline. Tied-back over-drapery showcases the contrast lining at the leading edge. This design could look very formal with velvet, silks, or brocades or just look simply classy in linen or cotton based decorator fabric. Using a print is optional, but it sure helps to highlight the layers of the treatment.

Turban swags coupled with banded flat jabots or pennants crown side panels and tied back pleated sheer in Option 4. This is a treatment that is fit for royalty and suitable for the most formal of rooms. But the clean lines of the jabots and swags are normally very traditional design. If you prefer the more tradition look of pleated jabots, by all means substitute the flat jabots for its pleated and more sophisticated cousin. Under sheers provide privacy and soften the lines at the leading edge of the drapery.

For Option 5 we have a design suitable for the arch window that is combined with other windows on the side to form one unit. Too often I see we chicken out and mount our window treatment below the arch or on a straight rod above the level of the arch. This is just one alternative that you can consider.  Open swags combined with flat pennant styled jabots flirt with the arch in the centre of the window.  Jabots are banded and embellished with embroidery and tassels. This treatment is hangs from multiple rods mounted at different levels adding to the drama and rhythm at the window. Traversing panels provide privacy when closed or act as decorative side panels when open. If you do not like such a large puddle at the hem, just allow it to break on the floor. This treatment can be combined with sheers or horizontal wood blinds for privacy and added decorative layers.

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