Leather Club Chairs and Care

Vintage Charm: The Leather Club Chair

The club chair – extra-roomy with its deep seat, low back, and slightly curved back and front – has resurfaced as a household favorite. Classically (but not exclusively) covered in leather, the chair’s original club design dates back to the 19th century. The popularity of the chair surged in the 1920s, when French Art Deco designers created variations on the basic theme.

Why leather for club chairs? For starters, the material pairs well with the chair’s sleek design. But additional reasons abound for choosing leather for this and other upholstered furniture. Durability is one benefit – leather will not tear easily. Furniture experts rate it as four to seven times more wearable than fabric upholstery. And today’s manufacturing standards ensure that leather is treated so that it won’t crack or peel. Leather also ages remarkably well, increasing in character, luster, suppleness, and beauty as the years go by.

Bernhardt offers leather easy chairs in the club style, as well as in related styles. The Leather collection features leather upholstery that is buttery-soft and fully aniline-dyed, which can be used with only the finest quality hides that have natural markings for character. With its relaxed blend-down cushions, the seat is invitingly sumptuous. Also popular are the stylish leather-upholstered easy chairs.

Leather Care: Do’s and Don’ts

DO dust your leather furniture often, or vacuum with a soft-brush attachment to prevent dirt and dust from being ground into the surface.

DON’T use saddle soap or any furniture polish or cleaners on leather, which can harm the material.

DO keep leather furniture away from direct sunlight. Although leather will not fade as easily as many other materials, it is not entirely immune to the effects of the sun. Article by Bernhardt Furniture.

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