So how can you create a sanctuary at your Home?

We’ve become a nation of busy bodies. As nine to five become 24/7, our homes are fast becoming one of the few places we can disconnect from the world.

So how can you create a sanctuary, or serene haven, in your own home? Start by taking a look at your home in a new way. Look for ways to relax or unwind in comfortable, unexpected places. At the same time, look for ways to re-energize in open, well-lit places. A perfectly serene haven balances intimate, private spaces with head-clearing open spaces infused with natural light.
You’ll know if your home is haven-worthy if you can achieve each of these 5 serene haven benefits in each room!

sanctuary get comfortable
reach out touch something

A change is as good as a rest, even at home. Leaning a picture against the wall, mixing two wood finishes in the same room, using mismatched chairs around a table or add-ing a bar cabinet or chair in the bedroom feels fresh and new.
see things in a new way= ideas you can use
make your home into your own serene haven embrace the imperfect

Getting comfortable at home means finding plenty of places to kick off our shoes and settle in. Adding upholstered chairs around a dinner table invites us to linger for hours. Adding extra bed pillows helps us sleep better. Choosing weathered furniture finishes or organic colors inspires a feeling of quiet calm.

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