Ottomans: From Footstool to Center Stage!

True, ottomans, benches and cubes are perfect for putting our feet up. But they’re taking center stage in living rooms today, offering a pretty, practical and comfy (!) alternative to coffee tables.

Below, a few tips on choosing the perfect ottomans for your home…

1.  Use more than one! Today’s ottomans are designed to be used in pairs, trios or even quartets. That gives them an appealing visual texture… and flexibility! They can be separated and moved where needed. Check out this pair of Sam Moore’s Porter cubes covered in a new pop art cabbage rose pattern in a bright magenta and tangerine.

2.  Choose ottomans that match each other. There are plenty of ottoman designs to choose from today, but keep sets of ottomans the same size, shape and design. Placed next to each other, they’ll reinforce each other, look more substantial and appear as a single unit.


3.  Choose ottomans that contrast with the sofa. Ottomans that contrast a sofa’s color, pattern or texture (a leather ottoman with a fabric sofa, or vice versa) is an easy way to add an eclectic, personalized look to your living room. If possible, repeat the ottomans’ color, pattern or texture on toss pillows or on a neighboring chair.

4.  Size ottomans to the size (and shape) of your seating area. With a large-scaled sofa, use large-scaled ottomans. With an extra long sofa, use rectangular-shaped ottomans or a trio of square-shaped ottomans. For a sectional, consider a pair of four. Ottomans should measure roughly the same height as the sofa’s seat cushion, or the same height as a coffee table.

5.  Make a statement! Choose ottomans with an exotic pattern, interesting shape or unique leg design. They’ll add an artistic quality and even become a conversation piece!

To make ottomans ultra-functional, place a shallow, but generously-sized wood or metal tray on top of one the ottomans. It’ll corral remote controls and magazines or safely balance drinks, bowls, candles or a food platter.

Article by Hooker Furniture.

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