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Freshen up your home this summer by bringing the outdoors in! Flower arrangements not only make excellent center pieces, they also heighten the existing décor within your home.

Why should you only enjoy summer blooms in your garden? We can’t be outdoors 24-7! Bring the beauty of fresh flowers inside your home with a custom Sacksteder’s Interiors floral arrangement. Floral arrangements are a great addition to your home because they don’t clash with the existing style; they simply add to it! And the very best attribute, you ask? That, my dear, is that they simply will not die; even after summer is long gone.
To get this designer look in your own home you must first choose a vase, bowl or basket to arrange the flowers in. When selecting a planter look for one that compliments your homes pre-existing style. Next, choose a couple different flowers. At this time you should consider your homes color palette; look for flowers that enhance the colors within your home. You should also consider different heights, weights and textures. This will not only add variety, but give the arrangement depth and movement. Don’t forget your greens! Simple greenery (even sticks) completes the design, and sets apart the difference between a bouquet of flowers, and an awesome arrangement. Lastly, choose greenery that doesn’t over power your flower choices. Greenery is also a great addition because it helps to fill in the empty spaces of the arrangement.
No matter the decorating style, Sacksteder’s Interiors has a great selection of custom floral arrangements, home accessories, and furniture for you to choose from. Visit our online shop and turn your home into a masterpiece!
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