The Perfect Paint Job

Decorating tips from Sacksteder’s Interiors…

Painting can be a big job for any homeowner. Make it easy on yourself with a few simple painting tips from Sacksteder’s Interiors.
Choosing the proper color shouldn’t be your only concern once deciding to paint a room. You also need to consider the luster or sheen of the paint and ease of cleaning. With five choices of paint to choose from, you don’t want to be knocked flat on your backside when the time comes to make a decision.

Paint finishes range from flat to high-gloss. A flat paint has a matte finish that absorbs light and helps hide surface imperfections. Flat paint is great for high-traffic areas and coving up crummy walls.
Eggshell enamel has a little more luster than a flat finish, but offers superior cleaning durability.
Satin paints have a pearl-like finish. Satin enamel is great at resisting mildew, as well as dirt and stains and allows for an easy clean up. A satin finish is more suitable for frequently used spaces.

Semi-gloss paints are great for reflecting light. The shiny appearance is most evident in rooms with a strong light source. As a rule of thumb (with a few exceptions) the shinier a finish, the more durable and easier to clean it will be. Use a Semi-gloss on areas that are cleaned frequently such as kitchens and bathrooms.

One benefit that high-gloss colors possess over flat sheen's is depth of color. The higher the sheen, the more vivid and rich your color will be. Also keep in mind that shiny surfaces, because they are reflective, help to make a small space feel larger. Shinier paints require thinner roller covers than flat finishes.
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