Houseboat Overhullin’

What NOT to do when decorating a houseboat

What is houseboat décor? It’s not oars and anchors. This is your home! Not a ship yard! A houseboat should not be decorated any differently than a home without its sea legs.   


Don’t throw a buoy around my neck when I come in, but there needs to be a WOW factor. Use color to liven up your houseboat. If you are overwhelmed by color, start by painting a focal wall in a bold color then choose a neutral color for the surrounding walls.

Keep your houseboat organized, and simple. Remember your on vacation, your goal is to create a relaxing environment, so don’t clutter the space up with dusty relics. Update your look with a leather sofa. Leather is simple, durable, easy to clean, and always in style. 

Instead of drowning in a sea of lighthouse paintings on the walls, decorate with pictures of your family and friends having fun on the water. Share the fun with your guests, they will be much more intrigued by a picture of your husband sunning on the top deck wearing that goofy hat, than some old lighthouse. 

Trade out your metal or plastic blinds for soft and subdued roman shades or flowy full length drapes. Let light in, you’re there to enjoy the sunshine anyways, just keep in mind no one wants to see your over weight uncle walk around in his bathing suit that’s snug in all the wrong places-privacy is still a priority.  

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