Decorate With Word Art!

By Meaghan Leonard with Hooker Furniture

Even though I am in my senior year studying interior design at High Point University, I just recently learned about the new (to me) phenomenon called Typography. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, it basically means using words as art. As I thought about writing about my new found fascination with typography, I wanted to research the topic to see what I came up with. My results displayed everything from trees made out of words to crazy quotes with various colors.

After searching through the thousands of images on the internet, I began to realize that typography is more than just a digital image. It is something we can see and feel, and it is something that can evoke powerful emotions. Typography is a window in our personality and what we like and dislike. It makes sense that in our modern society, with so much technology, that we would create another way to express ourselves.

Decorating with typography is one of the most inexpensive ways to add a personal touch to your home. With some craft paint and some inexpensive stencils you can transform a simple piece of wood or cloth into a beautiful piece of meaningful art. Simply paint the words onto your blank canvas (or other blank material) and allow them to dry before hanging. You can mix it up with colors or different layers of words. The possibilities are endless! Another great way to use typography is to use Photoshop (or power point for us old schoolers) and make a block of words that are special to you. With the simple click of a button you can use crazy colors and fonts to create a digital typography that you can print out and place as you would a photo.

Typography is a growing influence in Hooker Furniture’s Melange accent furniture line. It all started with the L’Inspiration chest with descriptive words written in French. At the upcoming April market, Hooker will introduce some more contemporary Melange accent tables with words written in English.

I am very excited about my discovery of typography and I look forward to experimenting more with it in the future. I am always looking for inexpensive ways to revamp my apartment. This is another powerful technique to add some personality to a place where I cannot paint the walls! I hope you let your imagination run wild with the possibilities of decorating with words.

I was in a showroom this week that the walls were all chalkboard. We were all encouraged to share our inspiration with others  Article by Hooker furniture. Check out our Cincinnati interior room planner and furniture online catalogs.

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