Framed Artwork really varies in price. Why is this?

Framed art really varies in price. Why is this?
There are many obvious reasons, yet one less obvious reason is the frame finish. Frames can be finished very inexpensively with sprays, paper-wraps, and foil-wraps, yet the more attractive finishes have numerous steps including hand-laid metal leaf and hand-antiquing. This gives a richer, deeper metallic finish like the Old World finishes of the past.

I have purchased an Uttermost original painting, and it is not exactly like the photo in the catalog that I ordered from?
Uttermost paintings are painted one at a time by skilled artists and no two paintings are exactly alike.

Will the humidity and changing temperatures in a bathroom damage a mirror or picture frame?
No. Good quality frame finishes are sealed with multiple coats of sealer or lacquer to withstand normal usage in a bathroom. All Uttermost frames are suitable for this type of use.

Your frame finishes seem to have layers of color rather than just one color, why is this?
We take great pride in our complex, layered finishes. Uttermost finishes typically have a base coat of one or more colors, hand-laid silver or gold leaf, and then a series of stains, glazes, and hand distressing steps. This gives our frames a warm, rich feel, much like that favorite, old leather chair.

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