Decorating Is Not Complete Without a Selection of Stylish Lamps

Decorating Is Not Complete Without a Selection of Stylish Lamps.
Lamps bring not only light, but great style as well.

They have two roles. One is bring the “right” light for each space, and the other is to become a key factor in the beauty and character of a home.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Lamp:

1. Type of Lamp and its Purpose or Function – In choosing the right lamp, the number one thing is the necessary light, how much light, and its location.

Accent Lamps, Swing Arm Lamps, or Desk Lamps are great for desks, bedside, and reading in general. They usually have a downward light, often metal or in a dark shade, to focus the light and reduce interference with TV or other visual focal points. Table, Floor, and Buffet lamps cast a warm, inviting glow, so whether enjoying a warm and close conversation or whatever the activity, the light is comfortable. Buffet lamps are a form of table lamp, usually tall and slender, but particularly attractive in pairs and often used together on a console or dresser.


Torchiers are a more dramatic source of light, with a shade that directs light upward, throwing light up to bounce off the ceiling and wall, creating a glow of fairly even illumination.


2. Styling – After considering the purpose or function of a lamp, next consider styling.


Each of the above mentioned categories of lamps can be interpreted in different personal choices of style. Lamps are designed in a wide range of styles to fit in any environment or room in a home, whether Contemporary or Transitional, Traditional/Classic, Rustic, or any exciting mix that expands and enhances the personal feel of the home… for its guests, and most of all for the individuals that live there.


In summary, the particular character and usefulness of lamps are an important part of how any environment feels. Lamps can become the determining factor in how much a room is enjoyed, how useful it is, and in many cases, how beautiful it can be.

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