The Spare Bedroom: How can I make it special?

Begin small. Wow, a whole house is intimidating, no matter how much confidence one might have. I think a bedroom is a wonderful way to begin to flex your decorating muscles. Perhaps you have an extra bedroom that gets ignored most of the time? Relish in getting it ready for a guest’s overnight stay. Bedroom furniture collections are pretty well established so your creativity comes mostly in soft furnishings. How far wrong can you go with new sheets and pillowcases? If you love white, maybe pick linens with a little detail or a muted design.  Always remember: Everybody loves white. Maybe it’s like ice cream.

Think of the small touches you can add–a bookshelf with family albums to entertain your guest, or books on local attractions. And if you are wary of hanging a picture, you don’t have too many wall choices after the mirror over the dresser takes up a good chunk of space. Think of what would delight a guest when first light welcomes them to your home.

The leaning and changing scenario. Before you get out the hammer and nails, lean a picture on a chest or side table before you commit to its permanent place. Notice in lots of magazines there are pictures and paintings leaning all over the place? That’s because decorators, in particular, use them to define space–for the moment. I often have windowsills as temporary habitats for pictures I’m thinking of using in a room. Whisk it away in a second if you change your mind.

Of course, you can’t go changing everything in a room around as easily as you can with pictures. But chairs and small pieces of furniture, such as side tables and accessories, can make a major change in the appearance of a room simply by where you put them. So make a change or put something in position and live with it for a while. If it doesn’t suit, just pick it up and give your room a different feel. This is a good technique for new additions as well.

Evolve and forgive. Chances are, you are going to be happy as you progress with decorating your home, remembering that it’s a process not engraved in the sands of time.  Even things that are lovely have a time for change. That proves that there are no “end of the story” choices. And if there is something you do, like painting a wall or hanging a picture, that makes you unhappy, change it and mark it up to a learning experience.

Decorating is very forgiving…because it has no real rules. The key is: All decorating is personal. So start out with a deep breath and find the joy of home that’s yours alone affords.Hooker Furniture.

Karen Sacksteder is an interior design expert in Cincinnati, OH.  She has been in interior design and home furnishing for over 24 years.  Our furniture design studios offer all forms of home furnishings, art, lamps, floral designs and window treatments for your home decorating needs.  Karen works to help home decorators design and furnish their homes. Sacksteders is excellent source for lamps, tables, design elements, chairs, couches, area rugs,clocks and accessories. The Interior Design consultation service you need for your home decorating in the greater Cincinnati area. Commercial Office and lobby design for the Holidays is Fantastic.

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