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A Memorable Memorial Day: Delight the Senses!


Memorial Day is all about remembering–remembering veterans and their sacrifice for our country to give us the priceless gift of freedom. Every year as we gather at the end of May to celebrate them and the official beginning of summer, we have the opportunity to create new memories.

For me, great memories start with family, food and friends. From there, I focus on inspiring ideas that engage each of my five senses. Here’s my take on the best of the best:

colorful strawberries

Taste and Smell

No successful party was ever planned without careful attention to the menu, so I always spend plenty of time (yes, searching Pinterest®) on this. Taste and smell are both rewarded here since delicious treats delight both senses.

Fresh fruit tart

One of the easiest and tastiest red, white and blue recipes isn’t a recipe at all…instead it’s as simple as dressing up an existing cake, tart, cheesecake, or cupcakes with fresh seasonal fruit. If you’re doing a cake or cupcakes, start by covering them with cake frosting or cool whip. Then decorate with fresh cut strawberries and whole blueberries. An easy tip is to outline your dessert with the strawberries all pointing the same direction, then fill in the center with blueberries. With a tart or cheesecake, no frosting is needed, just add the fresh fruits right on top. One of my favorites, and a go-to for any party, is a store-bought angel food cake covered in cool whip and fresh berries.



Sanctuary red chairs Hooker Furniture


Whether the Memorial Day event is at my place or someone else’s, I’m a diehard fan of furniture and interior design and am always looking at and thinking about home’s décor. I love the bold colors of the American flag, and I enjoy seeing their timeless influence in home furnishings. Nothing adds a pop of color like red, calms like blue or soothes like white.






Down sofas, chunky throw blankets and pillows, leather chairs, smooth glass tables, silky drapery panels–for me, touching is an integral part of the interior design experience.

B-Y best seller Oct


Group Of Children Enjoying Outdoor Tea Party


You may be thinking about music here, and while great tunes do make a good party—it’s actually the sound of my family and friends I treasure most. Sure, the kids will be fighting over whose turn it is, someone will likely be talking with their mouth full of the delicious food, and my family, well, they’ll just talk over each other.

But that’s what I love about us. That’s what a good Memorial Day celebration sounds like to me.


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