Trendy Cincinnati Furniture

Finding trendy furniture in Cincinnati is easy when you shop at Sacksteder’s Interiors.  Maybe decorating isn’t as easy for you as you wish it was but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having a home that looks like a design studio.  Sacksteder’s Interiors offers the best in fine furniture.  Take the living room ensemble above; I just love the soft peach colors and the details on the couch.  You can see the simple elegance the wood legs add to this occasional chair too.  At Sacksteder’s, you will always find someone available to help with decorating advice if you like or you can hire our interior decorators to do the work of decorating for you.

Trendy Cincinnati Furniture: Make a Statement

When it comes to decorating with trendy furniture in Cincinnati, you want to make sure you start with pieces of furniture that are made with integrity and designed with quality manufacturing and the best materials.  Sherrill furniture does just that.  Their handcrafted pieces are made to last and are born from over 75 years of quality craftsmanship.  Pieces like the couch above look so nice because they combine the elegant look of leather with the more subtle fabric tones.  With Sherrill furniture you can order from a host of colors and fabrics to create an elegant look that is all your own.  Fine upholstered furniture allows you to create with fabric choices that are durable, compatible, and beautifully tasteful.

This ensemble above is a good example of what color and pattern can do for your home.  Adding furniture with popular patterns and matching pillows will leave you ecstatic.  You won’t find this trendy Cincinnati furniture just anywhere, but Sacksteder’s carries these fine furnishings and more. 

This is another example of the use of color and matching pillows.  This trendy Cincinnati Furniture adds such exotic delight to this innocent white back ground.  It screams with modern sophistication and orderly pizazz.  I love the matching trim on the chair.  You can see how designing your own upholstered furniture can show off your personal style and taste.  I love that about these fine furniture pieces, they add versatility and creative flair to your interior designs.

If you’re looking for trendy Cincinnati Furniture, don’t settle for boring or mundane, stop by sacksteder’s Interiors and see what exciting furniture awaits you.  We can’t wait to help you discover the look you’re dreaming of.


Accent Chairs in Cincinnati Ohio


When you’re designing your home with accent chairs in Cincinnati Ohio, you want to make sure your chairs are signature pieces that add a pop of pizzazz to your home.  They should speak loudly and show off your personality with bold colors, textures or style.  Accent chairs aren’t supposed to blend in; they are supposed to add a whimsical touch of color or change to lighten up your room’s demure atmosphere. These fun animal print chairs are great examples:



Zoey Accent Chair by Hooker Furniture 



Brooke Accent Chair by Hooker Furniture

Adding Color with Accent Chairs

Accent chairs in Cincinnati Ohio are a great way to add color to your room.  They can be used in living rooms, hallways, bedrooms and yes, even bathrooms.  An accent chair can add a bright complement to a primarily neutral area that will freshen the space and lighten up the room.   Accent chairs are versatile, you decide if you want a warm and comfy seat or a seat primarily for its eclectic looks. 

Abbey Armless Chair by Bernhardt

Choosing An Accent Chair In Cincinnati Ohio

When you decide to add a few accent pieces, a chair can be both a decorative statement and a functional element.  It is great when you can choose a piece that will go not only with your designs today and the popular trends of this year but also be an heirloom piece you will be using and designing with for a long time.  Choosing an accent chair in Cincinnati Ohio like the ones above is a perfect example.  These chairs are made of quality wood and construction that will withstand the toughest environments but they are also easily updated.  You can add a new pillow of your current color choice.  Change the seat cushion for a holiday design or mix and match colors on the top and bottom to be a custom piece to be seen and taken notice of.

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 75

Alexandra Chair by Bernhardt

At Sacksteder’s we are pleased to be able to offer you quality furniture and accessories.  Our accent chairs come from the leading manufacturers in fine furniture.  We can help you find that perfect piece that will please you each time you walk into your room.  Stop by Sacksteder’s Interiors’ new location at 9797 Montgomery Road and see our unique selection of Cincinnati Ohio accent chairs.  We look forward to helping you turn your home into a designer masterpiece.


Custom Draperies in Cincinnati Ohio

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You can turn your once drab room into a spectacular looking room by adding Cincinnati Custom Draperies by Sacksteder’s Interiors.  You will find there are many ways to add new window treatments to your room and picking the right fabric, designs, textures and products can help you get a customized look that will transform your rooms.  At Sacksteder’s, are interior designers like to help you make the most of your living space and help you customize your home to reflect your unique personality and tastes.  As you can see our contemporary designs do just that.

Many Options

You can choose to decorate your windows with many of the different styles and products available.  You can choose your own fabrics and designs or we can help you select from an assortment of ideas.  You can choose to have all fabric draperies or vertical blinds that mimic the soft flow of draperies.  You can customize your draperies with other products to layer your look for a unique fashion that is so popular in today’s homes.  There are so many options available that you may need to look online or through magazines to find the look you like and want to achieve.  It may seem overwhelming at first, especially if you have an entire house to work with but Sacksteder’s can help guide you to find the perfect solution for each room of your house.  Adding custom draperies in Cincinnati, valences, top treatments and custom accessories will help your rooms achieve a designer look with window treatments that look great and fit perfectly.

Cincinnati Custom Draperies

When it comes to your interior design, you don’t want to skimp when it comes to window treatments.  When you are looking for the best in home interior fashions and accessories, Sacksteder’s has what you’re looking for.  From fine furniture and home décor and custom floral designs, to Cincinnati custom draperies, Sacksteder’s Interiors is the place to shop.    Stop by our new location at 9797 Montgomery Road and see what wonderful looks await you.

Covering your window is only part of the reason we buy custom draperies in Cincinnati.  Privacy, light control and a fantastic look that complements your interior design is very important.  Today’s window fashions also great for energy efficiency. They combine the best in technology, innovation and design to offer you quality products that are durable, safe for your children and easy to care for.

When it comes to customizing your home with quality blinds and shutters, we recommend Stamper’s Blinds Gallery to offer you the best in quality, durability and design from a company that specializes in custom window treatments from Hunter Douglas Window Fashions.  Call Sacksteder’s today and see what we can do for you 


Custom Flower Arrangements in Mason Ohio

Sacksteder’s Interiors sells one-of-a-kind custom flower arrangements in Mason Ohio.  When you are looking for a flower arrangement that has the flowers you picked because they are special to you or because they match your home’s décor, you will find Sacksteder’s flower design professionals have years of experience designing spectacular flower arrangements.

Bold Flower Arrangements

When you want to use custom flower arrangements in Mason Ohio to add a touch of glamour to your décor or possibly add a pop of color to a corner or table top, you will find personalized custom flower arrangements will work well and look fantastic.  You can’t beat a custom design when it comes to creating a masterpiece that is just the right size for your area and just the right color or group of colors.

Creations With Textures

Adding texture to your home is easy with natural looking Mason Ohio custom flower arrangements.  When you choose to add the style of different textures to your décor, you can enjoy all the beauty of nature and the various textures we find in flower arrangements.  From dried flowers, blooms and different ribbons and pottery pieces you can easily imagine the limitless creations we can come up with.  Our floral design professionals are great at combining different elements and arriving at a combination of beauty and focal delight.

Trendy and Traditional Colors

Adding color to your home is a great way to change things up and brighten your room.  Just by adding a beautiful flower arrangement in a classic vase or bowl, you can bring out the colors you enjoy.  Popular colors like oranges, blues and greens for example.    Because natural flowers come in every color of the rainbow, it isn’t hard to find pieces that catch your eye and complement one another as well as your homes unique palette of colors. 

Custom Flower Arrangements in Mason Ohio

When you are looking for a flower designer or unique one of a kind, flower arrangements, Sacksteder’s has what you are looking for.  Stop by our new location at 9797 Montgomery Road and see our amazing inventory of elegant furniture, interior design accessories and custom floral arrangements.   If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we will be happy to design a custom flower arrangement just for you.


A Pop of Trendy Color from your Interior Designer in Cincinnati

Any interior designer in Cincinnati knows that color schemes and accents can create a room that is inviting and beautiful.  Choosing the right color accents and wall shades can enhance feelings of well being, modify perceived space, making your room larger or more intimate and cozy, and color can energize static areas.  Adding a pop of color creates a sensual feel adding sophistication or elegance to any palette.

Trendy Colors

Color combinations this year include shades of punch, mango, lime and pinks as well as more traditional shades of red, blue and burgundy.  Choosing to go with a trendy color like robin egg blue can lighten a room and add a natural airy feeling.

You can paint your walls to really enjoy the color of your choice or go a little slower by adding accent pieces of painted furniture, colored glass lamps, or accent pillows and artwork.  If you like to change things up often, try changing accessories and colors.  New pillows, accents and artwork can really give you a new look and feel without costing a fortune.  Having traditional pieces of quality furniture to work with can help you create sophisticated, exquisite rooms while allowing you to go wild with whimsical accents and colors.

If you love a neutral palette consider adding gray or charcoal accents to bold colored rooms.   Gray adds a cool, sophisticated look as a backdrop for more trendy shades and popular accent pieces.

Color-Savvy Interior Designer in Cincinnati Ohio

Choosing a color that is all you and enjoying the tone it produces is a fun way to decorate with style.  No matter what color you choose often the mood it evokes depends on what colors you select as accents.

A Cincinnati Interior decorator will help you use color to convey yourself in the rooms of your home.  If you like a more eco-friendly, natural, airy feeling choosing blues and greens may be an option as well as chocolate and earth tones.  Maybe having a home with more yen appeals to you and creating a harmonious, affirming relaxing feel will draw you towards shades of yellow.

At Sacksteder’s, our interior designer in Cincinnati can help you design your home in it’s entirety or one room at a time.  They love working with you to help you create the perfect environment to entertain, relax and enjoy your home.  With decades of experience and a multitude of satisfied customers, Sacksteder’s Interiors is a great place to go to get design ideas and find unique pieces of furniture, accents and custom floral arrangements.  When you want to design with color, stop by Sacksteder’s Interiors at 9797 Montgomery Road and meet your interior designer in Cincinnati.


Framed Art in Cincinnati Ohio

If you are looking for artistic wall art in Cincinnati, Sacksteder’s Interiors is the place to shop.  You will find a unique assortment of styles and designer quality artwork at Sacksteder’s.  You can stop by their store at 9797 Montgomery Road or go online and find the styles you’ve been looking for.

Framed Art in Cincinnati Ohio

Description: butterfly framed art.jpg

Butterfly Framed Art

Sacksteder’s offers awesome framed art and matted finished artwork in a variety of styles to match your taste and décor style.  This Butterfly framed art is 28”hx28” w and makes a beautiful statement for the naturalist in all of us.


Description: metal tree on painted background sky line.jpg

Sky Line in Shadowbox Frame

Sky Line is an oil reproduction featuring hand applied brushstroke finish and a 3-dimensional tree sculpted from hand-forged metal.  The wooden shadowbox has a silver leaf undercoat with a gray and light black wash.  It measures 24”x36”by 3” d.  It is an example of modern art done right.

Hand Forged Metal Wall Art in Cincinnati

When it comes to uniquely designed wall art, Sacksteder’s has such a variety of fun Cincinnati wall art.  You won’t have any trouble finding a piece that fits your artistic flair and shows what is important to you.

Description: Jazz_Time_4c6350081111e.jpg

Jazz Time

Jazz Time, above, is a great example.  Designed by Billy Moon, it is made of hand forged metal; this decorative wall art features a distressed rustic bronze finish with silver details and hints of gold and green highlight.  It is truly delightful!

Grace Feyock Exclusive Art

Sacksteder’s carries designer art from some of the most exciting artists, like the pieces from Grace Feyock.

Description: three pears.jpg

Three Pears a Grace Feyock Exclusive

This three pears wall art is made of hand forged and hand hammered metal.  It is finished in distressed antiqued tan with burnished details.

Description: Damask Relief wall art.jpg

Damask Relief Hand Painted Blocks

The above damask relief blocks are unique hand painted oils by artist Grace Feyock.  They are rich in both color and textures with the ever-popular damask design.  The neat thing about these blocks is how well they fit into most home interiors, from traditional to modern.

Artwork in Cincinnati Ohio

Description: aged bronze organic vine and bird votive.jpg

Aged Bronze Vine and Bird Votive Screen

Finding focal point pieces and designing your home with the beauty of wall art adds character to your home.  This final piece is a good example.  Using metal scrolling, this aged bronze organic vine and bird votive screen is a great way to add ambiance to your home with some votive candles.

Stop on by Sacksteder’s Interiors and be amazed by the sophisticated interior decorations you’ll find there.  When you’re looking for artwork in Cincinnati, Sacksteder’s is the place to shop!


Delight Dad with Comfort


Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. Artist Credit: Scott Gustufson

“Someone’s been sitting in my chair.” growled Papa Bear.

This familiar excerpt was taken from the beloved child’s bedtime story, “Goldie Locks and The Three Bears,” which was originally written by Robert Southey and was anonymously published in 1837 as “The Three Bears.”

This age old classic story  tells of a sweet  young girl who enters the home of three bears while they are away and decides to eat their food, test out the coziness of their chairs and then falls asleep in the Baby Bear’s bed.

Who has been sitting in my chair? Photo credit:

For those of us who have come to know and love the fairy tale, we recall how Goldie didn’t like Papa or Mama Bear’s personal choice of comfort in home furnishings.  She considered Papa’s chair and bed to be too hard and Mama Bear’s to be too soft, while Baby Bear had the perfect fit to satisfy her own personal taste.

But for the Papa Bear in most of our lives, chances are that, under his strong manly exterior lies a big softie who desires nothing but comfort when it comes to his favored place of rest or man cave.  Most likely, his preference will fall somewhere between the taste of Papa and Mama Bear, making his personal choice even suitable for Goldie Locks… just right!

The Cambridge 3-Way Lounger which can be special ordered through Sacksteder's Interiors!

The month of June, the time we celebrate fathers, provides a host of opportunities to let your papa know how much you love and appreciate him for all that he does.

Wrapping him in comfort and upgrading his “castle” with the perfect “throne” by using the Cambridge 3-Way Lounger Leather Recliner from Bradington Young adds masculine charm with a bold look, while maintaining all the softness that dad deserves.

The Bosworth Varitilt Chair- Another great piece of funiture that can be special ordered through Sacksteder's Interiors 

The Bosworth 8-Way Hand Tied Varitilt Chair offers the same volume of comfort and sophistication, providing the man of the house a handsome source for rest and relaxation.


Photo Credit:

Most of us can remember as children what a privilege it was to get to sit in dad’s chair. While father was working or away, being able to enjoy the most comfortable seat in the house played such a delightful part of being a child.

Once dad was home, you knew the privilege was over for the time being. Then excitement would come rushing in, knowing your turn to enjoy the pleasure of sitting in his favorite chair would soon come again.

Executive Swivel Tilt Chair by Bradington-Young

Strength and security were in mind with the design of the Executive Swivel Tilt Chairby Bradington Young.

When dad works from home, providing him with an office chair that cradles him throughout the day with luxury can help take the stress out of his busy day. Being able to lean back and rock a few cares away will become a new-found pleasure for him with this attractive office chair.

Reid sectional by Bradington-Young

When it is time to celebrate dad and bring the family together to reminisce with dad stories, the Reid Sectional by Bradington Young will draw in your brood for “cozy up” quality time spent with papa!

Photo credit

So whether you are taking dear old dad out fishing or to his favorite place for breakfast during the month of June in which we celebrate fathers, don’t forget dad’s need for some R & R, and consider some of these great ideas for what could become the next most comfortable chair in the house. Who knows … you may just find some of that childlike anticipation for sitting in his adored chair again … every chance you get!

Sacksteder's Interiors has a wonderful selection of things to help create those places of pure comfort for dad. You can find everything from sofas to recliners, masculine decor to office furniture. We even sell barstools for the man cave! Let us help you celebrate dad this June with comfort and quality!

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