Interior design trends in Cincinnati Ohio

2014 is well underway and we have begun to see what interior design trends in Cincinnati Ohio look like.  You can play it safe on the traditional side or splash it up with new fabrics and exotic accessories, but either way this years trends give you more room to be yourself and pick the objects that make you shine.

New Fabric Choices

Besides the traditional fabrics, linens and cotton, there is a trend toward the heavier fabrics, especially in today’s sofas and loveseats.  Velvet and Corduroy are in style mixed with other fabrics and prints.   Today’s interiors are all about layering and mixing and matching textures throughout the room.

Besides the heavier fabric, floral fabrics and designs are showing up all over.  You can add a bright splash of color with a floral upholstered chair or choose one that is more muted.

Fabric colors are changing somewhat this year as people move from the traditional beige and earth tones to navy blue and violet.  As before, having a base hue to work from allows you to change the colors up with your accents and accessories.  Navy blue is a popular choice, because it works well with so many other colors.

One Cincinnati interior design trend that is popping up everywhere is including cowhide in the textile options.  You will see other hides too, but don’t worry, care has been taken to make sure animals aren’t killed for their skin.  You will see animal fur this year on chairs, tables and cushions.  This is sure to catch on as the desire to be exotic melts into the desire for natural things.

Textures, New and Old

Brass is a continuing trend this year.  It can either be tantalizing or tacky depending on the piece, so be careful to pick quality merchandise.    You will see brass showing up on lamp stands, fine art and other ornamental art.  Other metals are just as popular and with the trend toward layering, mixing up the metals, gold and silver is equally acceptable.  Throw in some wood and fabric and your catching what’s popular with the interior design trends in Cincinnati Ohio.

There are many modern takes on classic chintz and toile that make accessorizing your home a delight.  The trick is to be creative and look for interesting pieces.  Unique items are all the rage.  Choose the unusual, things that have your guests wondering where you shop.  Exotic ethnic pieces fit well in this category and add a creative pizzazz to your interior design.

Extravagant Interior Design Trends in Cincinnati Ohio

Move over boring white walls and make room for Blue, everything from powder blue to aqua.  In fact blue is taking over quite a bit.  Also splashes of color, bright and buoyant are mixed with muted backgrounds to lighten up a room and add some character.

Black and white has been muted down some to shades a little more subtle.  Leaving the stark contrast behind.

Daring designer walls will speak volumes in dark colors amidst metallic accessories.  Gray large patterns replace the white we’re use to seeing.  It’s all about glamor and creating a mood.  Each element is in place and designed to make a statement.

The great thing about interior design trends in Cincinnati Ohio is that we are no longer bound to one particular style but more of a, ” everything goes” feel.  Instead of sticking to all vintage or all country people are picking pieces that have sentiment or create a mood.   Looking for that special something?  Or need help with your interior design? Let one of our interior design consultants work with you to make your home a masterpiece.  Call Sacksteder's Interiors at (513) 791-5022 or in New Trenton, Indiana call (812) 637-1422


Lamp Stores Near West Chester Ohio

At our lamp store near West Chester Ohio, you will find a variety of lights and lamps to fit any décorSacksteder’s Interiors is a great place to buy a lamp because we have design consultants on hand that can help with all your decorating needs.

Lamps and Lighting Add Ambiance

A room is not complete until it has the proper lighting.  Some people go with the standard combination of general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.  This gives your room not only the look and feel you desire from your lighting but also allows you to use design and accessories to liven your décor.

You may find that you prefer to use natural lighting as much as possible and having a few lights for decorative purposes and nights suits you just fine.  Whatever your tastes, Sacksteder’s Interior’s offers the best in lamp stores near West Chester Ohio.

Choosing Your Lamp

Glazed ceramic lamps make a fashionable accessory for any home.  You can choose solid colors to match your décor or go with a patterned design to add a class element to any room.   Think about the style your going for and find a lamp to match your style.

Brass lamps can add warmth to your room and they are always fashionable.  They work well with other material and make a great accessory.  Glass lamps are also a viable option.

Table and Floor lamps will not only add the right kind of light but they are very versatile so they can also add style to your rooms.  Be sure and take careful consideration to the size, shape and color of the lamp you choose so that you will enhance your décor without overpowering it.  Don’t be afraid to go whimsical on your choice if you find a lamp you like.  Decorating should be unique and represent every side of your personality. 

A table lamp should be the correct size for the table it sits on.    Having a large lamp on a small table will cause the lamp to stand out and it will be knocked over easily.  Likewise, having a small lamp on a large table will look equally out of place.

Picking The Right Shade

Filtered light can change the atmosphere of a room and the way you feel.  Pick a translucent shade to create a filtered look and be amazed at the difference it makes.  Solid shades in darker colors won’t let as much light shine out, but they nevertheless make a bold statement.

Not all lamp stores near West Chester Ohio carry the variety of lamps you will find at Sacksteder’s Interiors.  You can add texture to any room with one of our lamps by adding a bold colored or patterned lampshade, or a lampshade made from textured material.  Try finding a shade with decorative embellishments like beads and tassels or mirrored chips.  These are all ways to add a little flair and style to your decorating.

Contemporary designs also include slim lines and drum shaped shades.  The shade should be between ½ to ¾ the size of the base and should completely hide the hardware underneath.  Not sure which shade fits, try matching the shape of the shade to the shape of the lamp.  These are all tried and true ways to buy lamps and lampshades from Sacksteder’s Interiors your West Chester Ohio Lamp store.


Creative Corners By Interior Designers in Mason Ohio

Interior designers in Mason Ohio as well as other parts of the nation are often faced with the question, “What do I do with the corner?”  Creating captivating corners can be a fun project that will delight you when you’re done.    What you put in the corner will be determined by what is important to you and how you want to use the space.    Most of the time facing furniture outward is the best idea but in some cases, you will want to create a private zone and face the furniture toward the corner.

Small Tables, Desks, or Shelves

You can add interest to any room by displaying something eye-catching in the corner.  You can set up a small table and place a unique floral design on top or an electrifying lamp.  Maybe you need the table to be more functional.  Adding a small writing desk to a corner can provide you with a small space to collect your thoughts or look through your mail.

Shelves look great in corners too.  Having display shelves to hold your favorite collections, china or pictures of the kids are all great ideas.  Small wood cabinets can also add interest and storage space to your room.  Maybe you inherited a large grandfather clock.  That would look great in a corner of your living room!

Sitting Chairs, High Back Chairs and Upholstered Chairs

Creating a sitting area in a large corner can add a cozy feel to your room.  Often high back chairs work great in corners because they are tall and would block the view in other areas of the house.  You might find placing two high back chairs in the corner with a small table in front to be a excellent way to use the space.  A rug on the floor might tie the area together and create the space your looking for.

Uniquely upholstered chairs can add color and fun to your room.  Small sitting chairs work great in the bedroom where they can be used when dressing.   Using an upholstered chair can always liven up your room and provide extra seating when you need it.

Unusual Ideas From Your Interior Designers in Mason Ohio

I hope this article has inspired some ideas of your own.  There are endless options for creating a corner you will love.   Corners aren’t just empty space to collect clutter.  They are small nooks that can be interesting and useful.

You can turn a corner into a small game area by adding a table with a checkerboard on top.  If you have small children, maybe a small toy box and rug will do the trick to create a small play area in an out of the way area of the room.

I’ve always wanted a freestanding fireplace.  Today fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be easy to install and they add a comfortable touch to any room.

With a little help from a contractor, you can be creative and add a corner window for a breakfast area.  If you have a nice view a window can add openness to your living space and allow you to enjoy the great outdoors.

Don’t settle for boring, get creative and use your corner to create a fabulous space.  Need help?  Sacksteder’s Interiors has furniture and interior designers in Mason Ohio to help with all your decorating dilemmas including those crazy corners.


Cincinnati's Top Interior Decorator Showroom now open in Montgomery, Ohio

Interior Design Showroom In Montgomery, Ohio

Sacksteder's Interiors would like to invite you to come see our new interior design and decor showroom at 9797 Montgomery road. Our home decor vignettes are designed with transitional, traditional, light contemporary furniture, mirrors, artwork, affordable accessories, lamps, custom botanica flower arrangements, jewelry and gifts. Our hours are Monday through Friday 10 to 6 and Saturday 10 to 5 closed Sundays. Our interior designers are so excited to see our interior design clients from Mason, West Chester, Loveland, Blue Ash, Madeira, Indian Hill and even Dayton Ohio. Our location in Montgomery is so convenient for our Northern Kentucky clients also. we are only 5 minutes from Kenwood Towne Center. Stop by and see our large display of home accessories and lamps for your home decor.

Interior Furniture and Decor Showroom near Kenwood Towne Center

Sacksteder's Interiors has been in the Cincinnati Home Decorating business for over 26 years. Our interior design experience in custom home design has been a huge success for our company. Our interior design services include selections for the new home construction or the renovation of your home. Our selections include Sherwin Williams paints, Cox Interiors doors and wood trim, flooring, Faux painting, window treatments and furniture.We are sure you'll be the thousands of interior design clients from the Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio area.


Cincinnati Decor and lighting for your home or office.

Cincinnati Interior designers at Sacksteder's have the ability to transform residential homes as well as commercial projects into the design showplaces while combining furniture, fabrics, lighting and color. We represent and showcase some of the top furniture and accessory lines sold in the USA. 


Stop by soon and visit us!


Trendy Sofas in Cincinnati

Trendy sofas in Cincinnati can liven up any living room.  Your interior designer in Cincinnati can show you how to use a sofa to spruce up any room and define the space.  Here are some tips on what to look for in a sofa.

Choose a Sofa in Cincinnati to Fit Your Interior Design

The first thing you will want to be sure of is the size of the sofa.  Make sure your sofa will fit into the area you have and will fit through your door or opening, if you take the door off its hinges.

Deciding on the size of the sofa can be tricky.  Most people would assume a large sofa would be too heavy in a small space but lots of times, sectionals or larger pieces can really define a area and make a small space feel cozy.  Larger areas can benefit from having many pieces spread throughout to encourage large gatherings and informal settings.

Choosing the right color for your sofa is also a huge decision.  You want to bring out the most in the colors you design with.  Having a solid color sofa gives you more options in decorating and gives you more freedom in the accessories you choose.  Pattern sofas are also in style and will infuse any décor with unique color. 

Choose the Right Material

Many people make the mistake of choosing a sofa or piece of furniture with fabric or finishes that won’t last up to their lifestyle.  Having a white or cream sofa may not be the best option if you have kids or pets.  The most durable, practical material is leather.  Leather usually wears in over time while most other fabrics tend to wear out.   Some people love the look of leather but don’t like the cold feel.  Traditional fabric or microfiber is nearly indestructible and makes a fine choice too.

Good quality, durable couches are made with real hardwood.  At Sacksteder’s Interiors are furniture is made of the finest quality.  Each piece is handcrafted in the traditional method with tied coils or wire springs.  They are made to withstand the test of time.   The cushions themselves are also built to stand up to wear without sagging.

Creating a sofa in Cincinnati that is unique and fits your décor is an exciting process.  Placing the sofa in your home with the right accessories makes your space comfortable and inviting.  You want your living area to reflect your personality and also draw others in. 

For the best in quality and the best service, discover the Sacksteder’s difference. We help you make the most out of your home decorating.  We offer interior design services in Mason Ohio, West Chester Ohio, and Cincinnati Ohio.


Montgomery, Mason Interior Design Services

Interior design services in Montgomery, Mason Ohio

Sacksteder's interior design services are well now for the Montgomery, Mason, West Chester and Loveland, Ohio areas . Whether you want to spruce up your home or a complete over haul, we will create a design plan for your needs. Please stop by and see one of our interior design showrooms to inspire your decisions for your home decor designs. Our in home consultation design service is the best gift you can give yourself to complete your home decor project.

During the home visit, our designer:
-creates your perfect floor plan.
-decides which furniture pieces you should reuse and which new ones you need. Accent furniture is key in design.

-discusses artwork placement/size, window treatments, wall paint, lighting, accessories, silk floral arrangements, flooring,  and more.

Cincinnati interior design inspiration from Sacksteder's

Confidence and inspiration start at home. When you feel proud of your home, you feel good about your life.  I always feel great after I spend the day cleaning and organizing my home. What an accomplishment. This time of year the sun is beginning to shine longer with the time change and nothing is better than a clean home with shining glistening windows to warm our interior of our home. Spring cleaning brings the desire to get rid of the old and bring in the new. Our interior design showroom in Montgomery is very convenient for homes in Mason, Ohio interior design services.


Cincinnati Custom Botanical Floral Designs.

Custom Botanical Floral Designs

  Sacksteder's Interiors silk floral decor service offers custom silk flower arrangements, plants, greenery, wall sconces and wreaths that are sure to provide the lasting permanent botanica look that you are looking for your home or office.

What Are Custom Silk Flower Arrangements?

When you place your order with Sacksteder's floral home decor design team we will work with you to bring your perfect vision to life. Typically people think of custom silk flower arrangements for wedding bouquets however our services go the extra mile to include your home decor in Cincinnati,Ohio.

We understand that today’s busy home-owner doesn’t have the time it can take to create a custom arrangement themselves. We can hep you save time and energy while updating the look for your home decor.

Autumn Meadow Silk Floral Mix in an Aged Black Stone Tray7715

Custom silk botanical floral designs for Mason Ohio home decor.

In some cases a customer will want a simple change to one of our current silk flower arrangements. This can be something as basic as a different vase or a different color in the arrangement. Other customers may want to create a completely new look from scratch. These customers will usually send a picture of their room. It’s always helpful when starting from scratch that you include as much detail as possible for what you need for your home. Pictures of ideas with details of flowers will also help.

7639Purple, Blue and Cream Silk Garden Floral Mix Rowed in a Small Avocado Tray

Interior silk botanica floral designs for West Chester, Ohio

Communication is important to us and we believe in working side by side with you to ensure that you’re a part of the process every step of the way. We can even create the perfect arrangement for you to compliment your home decor for all seasons including Christmas tree decorating.

 Sacksteder's floral design team are proud to offer this service and love seeing how our creations brighten up the look to your home or office. So browse our collection of silk flower arrangements and visit our Pinterest boards to get ideas, or if you have your idea in mind, feel free to call us today and let us know what we can create for your home.

Visit Sacksteders Interiors showroom at 9797 Montgomery Road serving Mason, Ohio.

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