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Ohio: 513–791-5022 Indiana: 812–637-1422
Meet The Sacksteder’s Team!

Meet The Sacksteder’s Team!

 Karen Sacksteder                                                                                        Karen Sacksteder– Owner and Operator.

Ryan Sacksteder Ryan Sacksteder- Owner , Human Resources, Finance and Operations.

Beth Wess Beth Wess- Interior Design Consultant, Residential/Commercial, and Staging, 12 years of employment.

Molly Piepmeier Molly Piepmeier– Interior Design Consultant, Residential/Commercial Design, 13 years of employment.

 Angel RasperAngel Rasper- Website Development, Marketing and Sales, Design, 3 years employment in the 90's, repurposed in 2012.  

Nikki Sacksteder Nikki Sacksteder– Design Consultant, Custom Floral Designer, Merchandising and Sales, 23 years of employment.

Jackie O'Riley Jackie O'Riley (Jackie O')- Custom Floral Design and Consultation, Sales and Merchandising, 13 years of employment.

Bonnie Tort-Teaney Bonnie Tort-Teaney– Custom Floral Designer and Consultation, Sales and Merchandising.

Sherry Fehlinger Sherry Fehlinger– Merchandising and Sales, 23 years of employment. 

Ashley Unger Ashley Unger– Merchandising, Inventory and Sales, Data Entry. 

 Barb PieczonkaBarb Pieczonka– Merchandising and Sales, 15 years employment.



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