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In and Around the House – The Holidays with Karen

Once a month, Karen joins Tony from In and Around the House at B-105 to talk about what’s new in interior design and how Sacksteder’s applies the newest trends in Cincinnati. This month, she spruced up their lobby with a signature Sacksteder’s Christmas tree!

Karen Sacksteder in the B105 Lobby

Karen Sacksteder in the B105 Lobby


Using a mix of large and small poinsettias, ornaments, and a hefty dose of black and gold ribbon, the tree is a welcoming reminder of the holiday spirit that fills our homes and offices alike. This kind of unique touch is what Sacksteder’s is known for; Karen loves making her long time customers happy by creating an environment that is friendly and welcoming. Her supporting team, Jackie and Nikki, are talented and adored by many, whom for years have been inviting faithful clients to swear by their expertise.


It’s no wonder companies such as P&G, Christian Moerlein, and Mercy Hospital, to name a few, enlist the help of our holiday decorating services. The ladies of Sacksteder’s are a pleasure to be around! Listen to one of Karen’s B105 segments and you’re sure to get a kick. Within 5 minutes of talking to her, you’d think I want to be friends with this lady! 

Listen to B-105 in the morning on select Saturday’s from 8-9am to hear Karen talk about current decorating tips and trends. Check our Facebook page to see when she’ll be on the show next!

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