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From High Fashion to Fall Decor

A lot can be said of high fashion, color and fabric trends when considering the in's and out's of interior design trends. With an increasingly blurred line between these two worlds of representation, it's no wonder high fashion so profoundly…

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Bringing Fall into Your Home

I know its hard to imagine in our current heat wave, but summer is coming to an end and the cool crisp days of fall are just ahead! Think pumpkins, bright foliage, bonfires, football, and hayrides... all the reasons fall…

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Timeless Tropical Summer Decorating

by MARY WYNN RYAN on JULY 20, 2015   The latest dinosaur epic may thrill you this summer, but you don’t need a jungle-covered island to be lured by tropical-style decorating.   English 18th and 19th Century Colonial Style brought traditional…

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Let The Signs Do The Talking!

by ANGEL RASPER on JUNE 22, 2015 The signs are everywhere! They inspire great ideas and enlighten us with encouraging messages about life, love and personal style. Vintage signage helps us to identify with one another and develop insights about popular…

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Nature-inspired Romantic Style

by MARY WYNN RYAN on JUNE 14, 2015 Romantic style doesn’t just mean lovey-dovey. First seen in the works of early 18th Century English poets Byron and Shelley, Romantic style celebrates nature’s wild, exuberant side. As seen in the Rafferty…

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