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At Home with 2015′s Top Wedding Colors


The colors you select for your wedding day say a lot about your home decorating style.

From muted tones to bold hues to dramatic color combinations—there’s no denying the importance of color at a wedding.

It’s one of the first choices a newly engaged woman makes about her big day, and it sets the tone for the entire event. A bride’s color palette sums up her style and conveys it to her guests. Whether you’ve planning a wedding or celebrating years of matrimony, you’ll appreciate this look at today’s top wedding color combos and their complementary home décor style mates.


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Refined Pastels = Updated Traditional Decor

Yesterday’s candy pink bridal themes have been replaced with sophisticated pastels that nod at pink, peach, green and blue and are paired with chocolate, charcoal and metallic hues. Selecting these new iterations of pastel colors shows an affinity for the classics with an appreciation for the present and translates to an updated traditional style at home.




The perfect expression of updated traditional décor, the Sanctuary Collectionfeatures classic shapes and motifs combined with modern finishes and functionality.

Natural Hues = Relaxed Decor

A treasure trove of color palettes, nature offers limitless color inspiration. From sky and sea blues to landscape greens to the fiery shades of sunset, there’s no going wrong when your colors reflect the world around you.




For the bride who chooses a natural color palette and landscape-inspired hues, the effortless style of Sunset Point is a perfect match.


Bold & Bright = Modern Décor

Deeper hues and bold color combination add drama and panache–making them perfect for brides who aren’t afraid to make a statement.





Blending styles ranging from Mid-Century Modern and Scandinavian to Rustic Chic, Studio 7H represents the best in design and makes it easy to create a room with attitude.

It’s easy to see that color has a language all its own. From weddings to home decorating and furniture, the colors you choose say a lot about your personal style.

What do your wedding colors say about you and your signature home decorating look?

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